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Your Investment is our Priority!

Realty 178 Property Management believes that our customers are the most important people, and as a result, they are not dependent on us, we are dependent on them.  It is our job to listen to them, understand their needs, and to fill those needs to the best of our ability. We communicate with our owners on a regular basis, maintain detailed logs, and keep up on all California Tenant and Landlord rules, laws and regulations.  We work diligently to place and keep good tenants in your property.

The mission of Realty 178 is to provide the highest standard of performance and service for residential and commercial property owners by creating partnerships and provide leadership that results in successful business ventures, and to provide our residents the best quality, most comfortable, and affordable living experience possible.


Tenant Screening: We carefully screen each prospective adult applicant verifying credit history, rental history, criminal history, evictions, and income verification.
Property Leasing: Property Showings, home safety inspections, initial and final walk-through (on managed properties only), lease agreement, and all necessary disclosures.
Property Maintenance: (managed properties only) coordinate repairs, cooler/ heating change overs, routine outside visual inspections, obtaining bids for larger repairs.
Owner Services: (managed properties only) offer direct deposit, online portal, monthly owner statements, annual tax records, and utility and mortgage payments.
Evictions: (managed properties only) post 3 day notices, arrange evictions through 3rd party services, if necessary.  (COMING SOON…IN HOUSE EVICTION PROCESSING)
Advertising: Swap Sheet, on our website, Facebook, AHRN, and many more online advertising websites.
Tenant Relations: (managed properties only) tracking repairs and maintenance, collecting rent payments, requiring rental insurance upon lease signing
Communication: regular communication with our tenants and landlords.


Placement Services Only: The Placement Service only option includes marketing the property, arrange showings, background check, signing the lease, conduct the initial walk through. 

Full Monthly Property Management Services: With this options you receive all of the services provided with the Placement option, with the following additions:
Verification of property upon move in and move out with property documentation.  We will provide you with move in and move out photos for your records. 
Collect monthly rent.
Coordinate repairs and schedule regular maintenance.
Provide monthly owner statements.
Provide year end tax documentation.
Access to your Owners Portal online.

Rent Ready Program: Realty 178 also offers a rent ready program.  This program takes the hassel of getting a unit rent ready.  We will obtain bids for all the necessary repairs associated with getting the unit rent ready, final cleaning to ensure the unit is up to our standards, and a 1 time pest spray.  You will be responsible for final payment of those services.  

Regular Maintenance Program: Realty 178 has established strategic partnerships to serve your needs more completely. Please contact Realty 178 for more information.