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Below is a summary of our Application Criteria.  You may request a full version of our criteria by requesting an application or by calling 210-764-6818
1) The $35.00 application fee per adult is NON-REFUNDABLE. 
2) Your application can be cancelled – WITHOUT REFUND – for failing to abide by the above guidelines and terms as stated above. 
3) Combined Credit Scores of LESS THAN 615 may incur additional Risk Mitigation Fees. 
4) You may apply and rent this home Site Un-Seen with certain stipulations. 
5) Once your application is approved, there is a $50.00 Lease Preparation Fee. 
6) All ANIMALS must be disclosed on the application and put into the Lease Agreement and will increase the deposit by $250.00 per animal and have a $25.00 per animal increased lease preparation fee. 
7) There is a $50.00 One Time Move-In Orientation Fee. 
8) All OCCUPANTS must be disclosed on the application. 
9) School Enrollment concerns are the responsibility of the Applicant. 
10) Home Owners Association concerns are the responsibility of the Applicant. 
11) There is NO SMOKING inside any of the homes or garages. 
12) Tenant Liability Insurance is REQUIRED and may be obtained through Wellspring Property Management at an additional cost of $12.50 per month, per home.
Upon completion of your Application, you will be notified in writing of your Approval / Denial / or Offer of Other Terms within 2-3 Business Days.